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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 21, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news -- this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu channel 2 news. >> a steady rain drenches the bay area. this is just the beginning of a wet holiday weekend. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> a series of winter storms is setting up for a cold and wet holiday weekend. we have team coverage tonight. mark tamayo is tracking the train. ktvu's maureen naylor is at san jose airport we begin with ktvu's amber lee. she tells us about the problems
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it caused. >> reporter: it is raining right now. we are along 101 tonight. a highway patrol officer took us long as she worked in the rain during one of the busiest periods of the year. >> reporter: sounding her siren she fought traffic to respond to an accident. it involved a motorcycle and a car. one of five crashes they responded to around 6:00 p.m. tonight. officers say they were all weather related. >> reporter: minutes later she spotted the driver of his car speeding past her car, going 80 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone. the officer sited the driver for speeding. >> she was initially in the slow lane and one turn went straight to the fast lane.
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>> reporter: this time of year people are rushing around trying to get things down for the holidays so drivers are stressed and distracted. ingredient for an accident. >> incredible this year. much worse than any other year. >> reporter: it appears there are more people on the roads. >> the exits off the freeway are blocked because people are trying to get into the shopping centers. >> reporter: there was another challenge, once he arrived at the shopping center. >> the rain was pouring it was jammed. i had to drive for 17 minutes looking for a parking space. >> more crazy drivers on the road. yeah. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is urging motorists to slow down and not to talk or text with their cell phones while driving. reporting live, amber le, ktvu
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channel 2 news. >> flooding closed high wy1 today -- highway 1 today. it reached the wheel wells of a truck. there it is there. it was stranded in the middle of the water. we checked on that road and it is back open tonight. >> a close call for a woman who was just about to get into her car. a tree came trashing down on top of a car port. the tree missed the woman. she was not hurt. >> in richmond, the street reopened after crews were fixing a six hole. rain from 2010 caused it to collapse. crews will continue to work in the area for several more months. another road that was forced to shut down because of a sink hole is back open again.
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mountain view drive has been closed since december 2. it reopened at noon today after crews worked for 9 straight days. we have been putting live storm tracker 2 to work. light to moderate cells across the area. show you rain showers in the mountains, scattered around the south bay as well, morgan hill area, gilroy. to the north, oakland, parts of the east bay, you can pick out more activity, bay bridge, oakland and orinda. darker shade of green, more moderate cells. santa rosa clouds right now but the rainfall approaching fairfield. rain showers for tonight. i will back out the maps to
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show you, there is another storm developing off shore. when that moves in, the timing and the heavy rain for saturday and another one that moves in on sunday coming up. >> stay with us throughout the weekend. we will be tracking each storm system and updating us on air and online and through social media. millions of californians are on the move as they head out for the holidays. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at the airport. it is busy there and there are long delays. >> reporter: that comes on what officials say is one of the busiest travel days of the year. there are still a steady flow of cars and people and wind and rain. airport is expecting an increase in holiday travelers. >> reporter: tonight the family waved good-bye to the bay area
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for christmas in cancun. >> reporter: with a full tank of gas, this man began the 3- 1/2 hour drive home to nevada city. >> might snow up there but it is not too bad and looks like it will be mild conditions. >> reporter: aaa predicts the highest number of travelers ever recorded. 11million californians to leave home, 10 million by car and 950,000 by plane. tonight rush hour packed with cars. >> somebody didn't notice it. >> reporter: traffic was halted in san jose because of this accident. the airport expect as 3% jump in travelers. it will be the first christmas
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for this baby who was sleeping when he arrived. >> it is stressful but worth it to get to spend time with family and friends. >> reporter: they had numerous flight delays and they are still experiencing delays between 15 minutes and 3 hours. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the wet weather is causing up to 2 hour delays at san francisco international airport. officials say 2 million people are expected to pass through between now and january 6. long with the rain, clouds and winds are to blame for the delays. one family is taking the delays in stride as they waited for their son. >> this is his first christmas he has been gone.
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graduated in june. gone since august. so first time back and home so we have friends here. >> as you can see it was a very happy reunion. sfo recorded more than 100 cancellations. there are changes to airport security screening. children 12-0 and 77 and older will be able to pass through metal detectors several times to eliminate the need for pat downs and passengers can now carry on pies and fruitcakes. for those traveling to the sierra today it was slow going. chains were required on highway 50 and interitate 80 -- interstate 80. coming up in 10 minutes a live update on the conditions there and we will tell you about a death today at a ski resort. a woman has died from that
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hit and run on twin peaks that we brought you last night. tonight police say the driver was drunk. continuing coverage now. we are at san francisco general. she talked to the victim's son tonight. >> reporter: it was emotional, at times he broke down in tears, he lost his mother. police, as you said, are saying it appears the driver was drunk. >> reporter: tonight the family is still in shock. her only son had taken her and his two friends to the hospital about 9:00 p.m. last night. they were walking when a car sped towards them and hit them. >> headlights in front of me. jumped over the wall. and after i stand up i can't
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find my mom. she gone. >> reporter: his mother and friends plummeted 30 feet down the hillside. >> i call their names. i heard my friend's voice. his wife's voice but not my mom's. no response. >> reporter: his friends were badly injured. when he found his mother he knew no one could save her. >> i hold her in my arm. i called for help. >> reporter: she died last night that hospital. police found a mangled car nearby. we were there as police arrested the driver and passengers. >> i know my right said. >> reporter: we learned the driver is in jail for felony hit and run and felony dui. >> several obvious signs of alcohol and intoxication on the driver and the passengers. >> reporter: his mother come from china to help take care of
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his son. a strong, loving mother whom he and so many people loved. >> i would do anything to get her back. >> reporter: he says several witnesses helped them and he hopes they contact police. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. chevron is moving 800 jobs from the bay area to houston, texas. it involve as quarter of the staff in headquarters. the jobs are scheduled to leave between now and 2015. chevron is california's largest corporation. the state unemployment dropped. a report shows the rate fell to
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9.8%. the report shows the labor force grew by 34,000 people in november. that number includes the employed and those looking for jobs. president obama is spending the holidays in hawaii. they boarded air force one tonight to head to his home state. but not before president obama acknowledged that no deal has been made to avoid the fiscal cliff. coming up, the president's message to congress today in hopes of avoiding tax hikes and spending cuts. different solution to gun violence. what this man says it is time to do about guns and his push to make it happen. >> a foot of new snow
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[ bells ] the names of each victim killed in the connecticut school shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newton, connecticut were read today. mourners observed a moment of silence to mark one week. many gathered in the rain outside the school to pay
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respects. the head of the national rifle association layed out a plan to stop the killings. ktvu's eric rasmussen found one man who is leading a different fight to treat gun violence as a public health epidemic. >> reporter: he is one of hundreds of petitions that sprung up since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. >> reporter: as the national rifle association took the podium in washington. >> the only thing that stop as bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: he was pushing a different solution. >> there are 30,000 people who die every year from gun violence. same number who die from car crashes. the centers for disease control researches car crashes and barely looks at guns. >> reporter: he and others are
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asking the centers for disease control to research and measure the magnitude of gun violence in america. the national rifle association lobbied lawmakers to cut centers for disease control funding. >> something so terrible happened that people are saying we got to do something. this is not acceptable. >> reporter: in washington protesters interrupted the national rifle association's news conference where it called for armed police in every school. he has yet to hear from the national rifle association or the cdc but he is hopeful it will get someone's attention. >> reporter: do you think this will have any impact on this discussion? >> i do. >> reporter: his petition had more than 200 signatures. tonight the public health department said it considers violence and injury prevention one of its three winnable
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battles. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. in the bay area, some schools already have armed guards on campus. why one school district officials tells us having officers comes at a cost. woman arraigned in connection with a robbery at a mansion. 22-year-old raven chanel dixon was arrested on tuesday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. raveesh kumar kumra was found dead and his wife beaten. police believe the robbery was not rand anymore a suspect -- random and a suspect may have had a connection to the victims. fish and game said a pair of mountain lion cubs were shot and wouldn't have survived in the wild. this is a picture when they were found. they shot them because of fears they would escape and pose a
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safety risk. the cubs weighed 13 and 14 pounds. much smaller than initially thought. supporters criticized the decision to kill them. a 71-year-old skier died tonight at squaw valley. the skier hit a tree on the advanced run. the run opened yesterday for the first time this season. this is video of conditions at squaw valley today. the skier was wearing a helmet but so far his name hasn't been released. foot of snow in the sierra today. and all that snow led to backups in accidents today. what are the conditions now and how phadthe traffic -- how bad is the traffic? >> reporter: coming down hard right now. on and off throughout the
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evening. if you look, you can see snow on the ground. this is that white stuff that skiers dream about. workers have been out all day and night clearing the roads to make sure travelers can get to their destinations. >> reporter: break lights on interstate 80. a slow drive was a small price to pay. it is worth it. >> reporter: with holiday vacations on their minds, drivers chained up. >> reporter: some dressed for the occasion. others did not. slippers. >> yeah. >> reporter: how are they working out for you? >> all right. i guess. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one with confusion. >> used to live in england. cold doesn't bother me.
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>> reporter: do you have a jacket? >> yeah. >> reporter: his mom shared his feelings. >> this is nothing. >> reporter: workers were out clearing the road. chp officers were patrolling them. holding traffic as a result of multiple spin outs. >> have blankets, dressed appropriately, getting out in the show to put chains on can get you cold. >> reporter: there have been a number of minor accidents today. however no major accidents. chp warning drivers it is not enough to just chain up, you need to slow down and increase the distance between you and the driver in front of you. ktvu channel 2 news. winter storm warning in place through the weekend.
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active weather pattern. we picked up today, santa rosa, 2 inches of rain. petaluma 1.22. san jose barely picking up anything. .01. right now here is the rainfall partern out there. rain pattern out there. rain showers. darker shades of green. north bay, fairfield, rain showers as well. there is another storm system developing. here is the next storm off shore. you will notice this tomorrow morning. look at this heavy rain pushing in. this will wake you up at 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. and another storm sunday. coming up, more on the timing and how much rain you can expect. the oakland zoo received a surprise today when workers found a $1 million check.
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it was donated from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. they are in disbelief over the generous donations saying this is the greatest gift they ever received. the bay area school districts that have armed officers on campus and whether they are [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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a texas homeowner posted a video on youtube that shows a ups worker stealing a package that had been delivered earlier by fedex. here is fedex dropping off a ipad. but hours later, a ups worker
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delivers another package and comes back later and picks it up and walks away with it. he says ups replaced the ipad and the worker was a seasonal worker who has been fired and arrested. we reported on the national rifle association proposal to put a armed guard at every school in the country. ktvu's ann rubin reports, some bay area schools are already doing that. >> reporter: an armed guard in every school, that is what the national rifle association will prevent future shooting tragedies. >> no data. >> reporter: for many schools this is reality. oakland, san francisco and san jose have armed police at schools and so does the contra costa county school district. >> i would say that it is a mixed feeling but the perception is --
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>> reporter: the runs $5 million for 20 armed officers and 40 supervisors. it is money that could be spent on educational programs. >> we have taken this approach but it comes at a cost. state cost. when you talk about loss of supporting programs for music, arts. >> reporter: parents aren't sure it is a price they want to pay. the proposal is being met with mixed reviews. >> my suggestion is no guns for everybody. >> the guns aren't the issue. it is the people having the problems. >> people with guns around our kids is not helpful and sends the wrong ideas to the kids. >> reporter: officials can't imagine how they would expand it to all 50 schools in the district. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland a's owner wants to keep the team in town for another 5 years and he sent a letter to the authority that
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over sees the home field, asking for a lease extension. the team is still looking for a new venue. jean quan pledged to work with the team. oakland public lieraries will shut down -- libraries will shut down till january 2. books and other materials don't need to be checked in till january 4. it is due to budget cuts. >> reporter: windy and wet and it comes at a busy time. what we ño
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back now to our storm watch covren and the -- coverage and the wet weather systems. >> first one moved through today. but we still have down pours. you can see the coverage out there. towards the south bay, mountains, half moon bay as well. we will show you the east bay. green links up with heavier down pours. concord. north. doubles. and more activity in the north bay. fairfield and vacaville. more intense rain showers. we have two storms to talk about this weekend, coming up when the heaviest rain moves in. the rain and wind hit at a crucial time today for shoppers
12:01 am
and you would think it would keep them away from an out door mall but debora villalon tells us why that wasn't the case. >> reporter: shoppers are dreaming of a dry christmas. outdoor malls are more miserable than merry. >> the stores are shelter from wind and rain. >> reporter: wish the mall had a roof? >> sometimes. >> reporter: the rest of the year it is plent -- pleasant outside. she says gift hunters have thrown up their hands and waited in. >> the bad weather kept them home but they are here, they are shopping. >> reporter: elsewhere in the north bay today high winds brought down a power line that gave crews trouble. wind advisories have been
12:02 am
effect on bridges. trucks with a trusted duty keep to their rounds. >> the weather is killing us. has to get done. customers have to get their boxes and presents. >> reporter: with every break in the rain hopes rise for a strong retail finish. a blanket for a cat anyone? >> i didn't buy anything for my boyfriend yet but i will. [ laughter ] >> reporter: how close are you to finish? >> i am done. i kick back and relax. >> reporter: this year they got a bonus. 5 shopping weekend between thanksgiving and christmas. who knew they would also get rain during that stretch. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. in the south bay people are looking for ways to come in from the storm. homeless shelters are filled to
12:03 am
capacity. workers in san jose say they usually have 250 beds but with weather like this they take in an additional 100 people. >> wonderful that it is here. good filt. provides -- good facility. provides a place to get in out of the rain. >> along the shore the storm surge has been drawing onlookers. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. mark will be back and mornings on 2 will track the train tomorrow morning and show you how it will impact your day at 7:00 a.m. court in san francisco today blocked a ban on gay therapy. governor jerry brown signed the law in september prohibiting gay therapy that aims to turn gay teens straight. it was supposed to go into effect january 1 but today a judge issued an emergency order
12:04 am
putting the law on hold till the court hears full arguments. president obama nominated massachusetts senator john kerry to be the next secretary of state. president obama praised him. >> over these many years he earned the respect and confidence of leaders around the world. she not going a need a lot of on the job training. he earned the respect and trust of colleagues. democrats and republicans. >> john kerry is a five term senator and the chair of the senate foreign relations committee and a war veteran. secretary of state hillary clinton could not attend the ceremony. she is recovering from the flu and a concussion from a fall. the christmas holiday began on capitol hill without an agreement reached on how to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama called on party leaders to take action before
12:05 am
he left for his holiday vacation in hawaii. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: after speaking with leaders friday afternoon president obama called on congress to quickly come up with a solution to avert some tax hikes and spending cuts. >> i have asked leaders to work towards a package that presents a tax hike, protects unemployment insurance, and lays the ground work for further work on both growth and deficit reduction. >> reporter: remarks came after speaker of the house john boehner failed to bring plan b to the floor. it would have raised taxes on those americans making more than $1 million a year. >> we had a number of our members who just really didn't want to be perceived as raising taxes. >> reporter: the two sides left
12:06 am
blaming each other for inaction. democrats said the failure in the house pointed for a need for more compromise by the gop. >> republicans got the message loud and clear. >> reporter: he said the next move needs to come from the president. >> he is the only one who can do it. this isn't john boehner's problem to solve. >> without a deal tax hikes and spending cuts are set to trigger after january 1. in washington. just released figures show the price of a home in november rose to the highest level since 2008. data show the average sale price for a single family home in november was $883,000. that is up 16% from 2011.
12:07 am
the price of condos rose 40%, $468,000. a lack of inventory is driving the spike. >> reporter: investors -- investors reacted badly that no deal was reached in the fiscal cliff. the dow is down 120 to 13,190. the nasdaq is down 29 at 3,021. >> still ahead, a experiment debuts in san francisco. it comes a year to the day after the artist did their work. >> i am tracking rain. coming up, the timing of the heaviest rain and the parts of the bay area that will pick up 3-inches and when we could
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two national chains are
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featuring around the clock chopping events. shopping events. macy's will run till the morning affsunday december -- of sunday december 23. after that they plan to keep their doors open till midnight on sunday and 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. toys r us opened at 7:00 a.m. and won't close till 10:00 p.m. on christmas eve. a shopping marathon and a big help for people who like to shop at the last month. the mall is owned by simon property group. there have been rumors they fell behind on their mortgage. the mall will stay open while they try to work out a solution. a man accused of sexually assaulting women he performed
12:11 am
illegal medical procedures on has been ordered to stand trial. carlos guzmangarza is accused of posing as a doctor and then performing lipo suction and face lifts on women in san francisco. several of the women testified carlos guzmangarza sexually assaulted them. if convicted he could face more than 30 years in prison. in news of the world tonight, more violence in egypt. the fighting comes one day before the second stage of voting on a new constitution that would bring islamic law to egypt. it garnered 57% support last weekend. comments from pope benedict xvi about gay marriage in his christmas address he denounced
12:12 am
it saying it violates god's requirements. he dedicated the christmas address to promoting traditional family values. in mexico people came together to mark the end of the mayan calendar. many feared today to be the mayan apocalypse. tens of thousands of people are expected to visit in the coming days. last year's winter solstice was the focus at a photography show. two dozen photographers fanned out across the city in 2011 to document that day. each photographer was given a specific hour and neighborhood to shoot. organizers say the idea was to give viewers a chance to experience what might normally go unseen. they will be on display
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december 26. new information about connecticut's school gunman and a buy back program for video games. wh [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99.
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new information about adam lanza. we are learning his mother nancy lanza told friends she planned to move him to the west coast and enroll him in a school or center. friends say he spent a lot of time in the basement where he had a video game set up and one of his classmates recalls his fascination with a shooting video game. those are the same weapons he used during the massacre.
12:16 am
many law law enforcement agents pay people to turn in their guns. ktvu's john fowler tells us one county is taking that effort one step further. >> reporter: at the civic center a national first. >> we don't need that exposed to our young people. >> reporter: he set up a program, a twist on the first ever gun buy back next month. in addition to purchasing guns like these, police will also buy back violent video games. >> they will be destroyed. they are not going to be recirculated. >> reporter: one gamer group called for a national cease fire today on online shooter games and after trying to regulate violent games, he sneered at the national rifle association. i find it mind-boggling they
12:17 am
suddenly cares about the harmful effects of video games. still experts don't agree whether video game violence increases real life violence. studies have failed to show a link between homicides and violent video games. >> that is how everything starts. with the videos. >> slippery slope to recalling video games. >> well intended. but it is a poor idea. >> reporter: it is set for january 15. johnhealth and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. we know the name of a man who was hit and killed while walking his dog yesterday. he is thomas willy. he was walking his dog yesterday morning when he was struck by a vehicle that kept
12:18 am
going. he died later at the hospital, his dog was also killed. no arrests have been made. we are on storm watch right now and through the weekend. right now you can see the coverage out there. rain heavy at times. that has been the case. rain showers, scattered in the east bay, parts of the north bay, especially with the darker shades of greens and the yellow. south of fairfield, a third of an inch an hour. we will show you this around daily city in san francisco, approaching ocean beach as well. you will notice light to moderate cells towards the sunset district, and north bay, mill valley, still scattered
12:19 am
showers, down pours as well. into the weekend, this is just the beginning. two storms we are tracking. first one tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., strongest rain. sunday, this will pack a punch with rainfall and winds. two storms we are tracking for saturday and sunday. here is the circulation setting this up. saturday storm, sunday storm developing off shore. into the weekend, rain saturday morning, scattered showers into the afternoon hours. sunday this will be the strongest storm. rainfall totals will add up. forecast totals for the weekend, 3-1/2 inches of rain in the north bay. maybe more in the hills. around the central portions of the bay 1-2 inches. into the weekend, we will keep an eye on the creeks, streams. all the storms will add up and
12:20 am
add more rain and wind to the forecast for saturday and sunday. up in the sierra. this was the scene earlier today. interstate 80. chains required on 80. lifted off 50. that will change over night. snow fall around 2-5 feet. that is major. here is our forecast model, heavy rain, this wakes you up tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. scattered showers. and into the afternoon hours. heaviest rain saturday morning and then rainfall rates go up sunday by mid-morning. temperatures tomorrow, in the 50s. significant rainfall, gusty winds. no wind advisories yet and the snow, watch out for that. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, weekend almost here. rain clouds. we get a break on monday.
12:21 am
good news there, christmas more rain showers as well. over night tonight heavy rain that will wake you up. latest on the forecast tomorrow morning. >> thank you. california fish and game officials announced a third and final delay of the crab season. test show the crab in that area fall below the minimum meat requirements. the sees has been delayed twice. yesterday we told you about the journey of a baby sea turtle from north carolina. this morning it arrived. he got a full check up and visitors can ño
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mark joins us now with sports. the warriors bounce back nicely. >> they do that well. they lose a game, they come back and always win. you want to be taken seriously in the nba, do what the warriors did tonight, breeze by. that would qualify charlotte, lost 13 straight. that is del curry. the father of steph curry. watching his son drain 8 threes. that is a club record. 27 and the touchdown. david lee, night in, night out. look at his work. 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. one of them right there. warriors now 8-1 after losing a game. got the lakers tomorrow.
12:26 am
mean time, college hoop, lots of holiday tournaments, have a look at stanford versus northwestern tonight. blowing an 18 point lead, tied. he hit a three. that was the final bucket. stanford now 8-4. opening game of the cable car classic. classic indeed. broncos taking care of business in the tournament opener. women, number 8 cal off to the best start in the school history. sweet 9-1 record. usf falls to fresno state. 185 straight games as a defensive lineman in the nfl, the man they call the cowboy, justin smith injured his elbow sunday. he is listed as questionable for the seahawks game sunday.
12:27 am
meanwhile, he is revved up and ready. a huge sack of tom brady to help them secure the victory in new england. the bowl game is on. we had the beef bowl tonight. central florida had their quarterback in action. threw three touchdowns and ran for one. hit murray there. 7-yarder. 38-17, central florida a winner. green bay wisconsin, packers put out a call for 600 people to help clear the field in preparation for sunday's game. 10 inches of snow. the mid-western storm hitting them. no problem getting fans to help. they were in it for $10 an hour. you had to be 15 to qualify. that is the sporting life.
12:28 am
they love their packers. hey, look! a shooting star!
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